On September 20, 2016, The Joe Cobert Report described the new ordinance increasing park and recreation (“Quimby”) fees for multifamily development projects in the City of Los Angeles.  The “effective date” at such time appeared to be set at October 20, 2016 (next month).  In that newsletter, we advised that we would keep our readers informed of any changes as to that ordinance.

There has indeed been a change already.  The L.A. City Attorney and the City Council have decided to delay the effective date of the ordinance until January 11, 2017.  That is also the date when the new Quimby fees will become applicable to all projects in the “pipeline” unless they qualify for exemption.  That exemption still reads as follows:

“Any project that would otherwise be subject to a park fee but has acquired vested rights under Section 12.26 A.3 of this Code prior to the effective date of this Ordinance, and/or has an approved vesting tentative tract map per Section 17.15, the application for which has been deemed complete prior to the effective date of this Ordinance, shall not be subject to a park fee.”

If you have a development project in the review and/or tentative map approval process with the City of Los Angeles, we urge that you promptly verify whether the City deems the map application complete as well as the status and timeline of your project in the acquisition of vested rights.

The Joe Cobert Report will continue to monitor the ordinance and any further revisions thereto, keeping our readers up to date.


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